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The Repertoire of Chamber Choir “CREDO” (Kyiv, Ukraine)

The repertoire of the choir consists of such works of great form as:

1. W. A. Mozart. “Requiem”, “The Great Mass in C minor” K. 427
2. Benjamin Britten. Cantata ‘Saint Nicolas” op. 42
3. J.S. Bach “Herr Christ, der einge Gottessohn” BWV 96, Сhurch cantata
4. J.S. Bach „Tönet, ihr Pauken! Erschallet, Trompeten!” BWV 214 cantata
5. J.S. Bach “Christ lag in Todes Banden” BWV 4 cantata
6. Johannes Brahms. „German Requiem“ op. 45
7. Antonio Vivaldi . Gloria in D major, RV 589
8. Arvo Pärt “Adam’s Lament”, “Te Deum”, „Kanon Pokajanen“
9. Henry Purcell. Opera “Dido and Aeneas” (Z. 626)
10. Georgy Sviridov «Motets and prayers»
11. Alexander Gretchaninov “Liturgia Domestica” op.79
12. Alfred Schnittke. Requiem.
13. Sergei Rahmaninov. Opera “Aleko”
14. Joseph Haydn. Oratorio “The Creation”
15. Bishop Jonathan “Chernobyl Liturgy”
16. Pavel Chesnokov. Choral cycle: “Days of Battle”
17. Oleksandr Schetynskyi. Requiem for chamber choir and chamber orchestra
18. Valentyn Bibik. Opera “On the Run”
19. Igumen Roman (Pidliubniak) “The Liturgy of St. John Zlatoust”

Program of sacred music:
1. MOZ-ART: Musical Parallels. (W.A.Mozart, M. Berezovsky, Padre G. Martini)
– Maksym Berezovsky (1740-1777).
Verse of Communion:
Who Maketh His Angels Spirits
Blessed are they whom Thou hast chosen
Look on us with kindness
– Padre G.B. Martini (1706-1784): Jerusalem surge. Motet. Tristis est anima mea.
– W.A. Mozart. Parts from “The Great Mass in C minor” K. 427
Kyrie; Gloria; Qui tollis
– Padre G.B. Martini. Terzetto delle campane
– Maksym Berezovsky. Rejoice those righteous will.
– W.A.Mozart. Ave verum corpus, K.618
– Valentyn Silvestrov (1937). Alleluia-Gloria (part II from cycle “Dedication to Mozart”) (2006)

2. Archangel’s Voice: the Kiev Chant.
– The old law will be changed. Chant XV century
– Vladimir Dovgan. Bless the Lord, o My Soul
– Petr Tchaikovsky. Lord, I cry unto The
– Oleksandr Koshyts. The old law will be change
– Nikolai Kedrov-sun. O gladsome Radiance
– Petr Tchaikovsky. The Lord reigns – prokimenon
-Sergii Rahmaninov. Lord, now lettest Thou
– Kyrylo Stetsenko. The Savior, present rest
– Maksym Kuchmet. Here the droom comes nearer
– Your resurrection, the Christ
– Prokimenon of Easter; Alleluia
-Resurrection of Christ, having seen
-Pavlo Chesnokov. A Mercy of Peace
-Victoriia Poleva. Axion estin.
– Ivan Vishnevskii. Magnification to the Angels and Archangels
– Viktor Stepurko. Archangel’s voice
– Viktor Davydenko. Be plesead righteous persons
-Pavlo Chesnokov. Selected ordering
-Bless the Lord, oh, my soul. Chant Kievo-Pecherskaia Lavra

3. Rejoicing in the Holy Resurrection
-B. Pratsyuk (b.1973). Easter Canon
– I. Vishnevskyi (b.1960) fnd V. Dovgan (d. 1953). Easter Hours
– A. Schetinsky (b. 1960)/ Let all the Land Exclaim for God. First antiphon
. Have Mercy and Bless us. Second antiphon
– B. Pratsyuk (b. 1973). Easter prokimenon. Alleluia.
– M. Shukh (b. 1952). Cherubic Hymn
– V. Poleva (b. 1962). Symbol of Faith
– M. Kuchmet (b. 1978). Mercy of Peace
– M. Shved (b. 1978). The Angel Cried Out. Easter Zadostoinik.

4. A Silent Prayer ( program of works by Ukrainian composers of XIX-XXI centuries)
– Jonathan Bishop (Yeletskikh). Two choirs from the Liturgy of the Peace:
Holy God; Bless the Lord, oh, my soul.
– M. Leontovych ( 1877-1921). Our Father; Te Deum laudamus
– M. Verikivskyi (1896-1962). Praise the Name of the Lord
– Oleksandr Koshyts (1875-1944). The old law will be change
– K. Stecenko (1882-1922). Mercy of Peace
– L. Dychko (b. 1939). Cherubic Hymn
– V. Silvestrov (b. 1937). Three spiritual Kant
– M. Shuch (b. 1952). A Silent Prayer

5. Chants of Golden-Kiev (XV-XXI cent.)
– The old law will be changed. Chant XV cent.
– Blessed is the man. Znamenny chant XVII cent.
– N. Diletsky (1630-1680). Easter Canon
– D. Bortniansky (1751-1825). Choral concert: N 34: Let God Arise,
N 32: Tell me, Lord, mine end
– Alliluia. Chant Kievo-Pecherskaia Lavra
– M. Leontovych ( 1877-1921). Cherubic Hymn
– K. Stecenko (1882-1922). Mercy of Peace
– O. Koshyts (1875-1944). The old law will be change
– L. Dychko (b. 1939). Cherubic Hymn
– E. Stankovych (b. 1942). Bless the Lord, oh, my soul
– V. Silvestrov (b. 1937). Many Years to

6. Christmas angels sing in heaven
– Christmas canon Ostrog chant
– V. Beliaev. Christmas tropar
– D. Bortniansky (1751-1825). Choral concert N 9: This day the Lord has made His own
– M. Balakirev (1837-1910). Over prorotsy
– Petr Tchaikovskii (1840-1893). O Lord I Have Cried; Bless the Lord, oh, my soul
– S. Rachmaninov (1873-1943). Hail Mary, Full of Grace
– V. Dovgan (b. 1953). Your Resurrection, O Christ our Savior
– V. Stepurko (b. 1952). Christmas tropar
– E. Stankovych (b. 1942).Alleluia
– G. Sviridov (1915-1998). Stirring Up the Power of God.
Christmas tropar

Frescos of St.Sofia Cathedral of Kiev
– V. Kikta. Frescos of St. Sofia Cathedral of Kiev. – Ornament I.
– The old law will be changed. Chant XV century. Transcription by Olena Shevchuk.
– B. Pratsiuk. Easter Kanon. Select of part.
– M. Berezovsky. Who maketh his angels spirits; His ministers a flaming fire.
The Sacred Pieces.
– N.Kedrov-son. Holy God. Trisagion.
– P.Tchajkovsky. The dead who are already enjoying heavenly bliss.
– V. Kikta. Frescos of St. Sofia Cathedral of Kiev. – Ornament II.
– D.Bortnjansky. Say me the Lord about my decease. Chorus concert N 32.
– K.Stetsenko. Praise the Lord, o my soul. Second antiphon. Psalm 145.
– K.Stetsenko. Hymn to the Only-Begotten Son.
– M.Kuchmet. Cherubic Himn.
– V. Kikta. Frescos of St. Sofia Cathedral of Kiev. – Narthex of the Archangel Michael.
– P. Chesnokov. A mercy of Peace. The Anaphora.
– L.Dychko. Cherubic Himn.
– A. Shnitke. Three spiritual works.

Ukrainian Folk
– Folk song “Oh! Beyond the Dunaj” arrangement by M.Lysenko
– Folk song “Now I houses one” arrangement by N. Koleushko.
– Folk song “Willow board ” arrangement by G.Ver’ovka
– Folk song “Gandzja” arrangement by D.Bonkovsky
– Folk song “Oh! Beyond the forest” arrangement by A.Avdijevsky
– Folk song “Kozaks got up on the dawn” arrangement by – M.Lysenko
– Folk song “Embroidered shirt” arrangement by A.Stecuk
– Folk song “Oh! Kozak carries water up” arrangement by V.Stetsenko
– Folk song “Quiet above the river” arrangement by L.Sergijenko
– Folk song “Hey! The village is seen” – Insurgent song
– Folk song “Oh! The imber is on the hill” arrangement by E.Savchuk

Ganna Gavrilets (b. 1958):
– Cherubic Hymn
– We praise Thee
– Kirie eleison
– Miserere (accompanied by a chamber orchestra)
– Light a Candle

Separate works of different authors:

– Antonio Lotti (1667-1740). Crucifixus for 8 voices
– Claudio Monteverdi (1567-1643). Cantate Domino
– Tomas Luis de Victoria ( 1548-1611). Aleph. Ego vir. Lamentaciones de Jeremias N 6
– Frank Martin(1890-1974). Kyrie (part I from Mass for double choir (1922-1924)
– Lorenzo Ondarra (1931-2012). Pater Noster
– Arvo Part (b. 1935) Hail Mary, Full of Grace
– Nikolai Kedrov-sun (1906-1981) Holy God
– Pavel Chesnokov (1877-1944). Cherubic Hymn; To Thee the Champion Leader
– Alfred Schnittke (1934-1998). Three sacred Chorales
– Maksym Kuchmet (b. 1978). Cherubic Hymn; Oratorio “Prayer Feodosiy Pechersky”
– Viktoriia Poleva (b. 1962). The offering of the Kiev-Pechersk saints
– Bogdana Pratsyuk (b.1973). Magnification to of Kiev-Pechersk saints
– Valentin Silvestrov (b. 1937). Psalms verses by Shevchenko;
– Volodymyr Zubytskyi (b. 1953). Concerto strumentale № 3 for mixed choir. Part 1
– Lesia Dychko (b. 1939). Let our lips be filled with praise
– Petr Tchaikovsky (1840-1893). Blessed Art Thou O Lord